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Product introduction

Graphite rod is most frequently used in the heating element of high temperature vacuum furnace, and the highest temperature of the graphite rod can reach 3000℃. It’s also widely used in a heat source or heat radiation of high-temperature environments and other various mechanical friction conditions. It has such traits as high thermal conductivity, high thermal stability, temperature shock resistance and excellent electronic property.


Graphite rods are often used for following:

1. Refractory material:

Widely used in the metallurgical industry.

2. Conducting material:

In the electronics industry, widely used for graphite electrode, brush,, etc

3. Wear-resisting material and lubricant:

Use graphite as wear-resisting and lubrication materials, can be 100m/s speed sliding in - 200 ~ 2000 °C temperature range, no or less lubricating oil.

4. Sealing material:

It can be as sealing ring in the equipment, such as centrifugal pump, hydraulic turbine , etc.

5. Anticorrosion material:

Widely used in petroleum, chemical, hydrometallurgy departments.

6. Protection materials

Insulation, high temperature resistant, radiation

7. Furnace parts:

Graphite rod is most frequently used in the heating element of high temperature vacuum furnace

Resistance heating elements, induction subsector, structural elements and charging rods

8. Anodes for the electrolysis of metals.

9. Parts for heat exchangers.

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